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Sony Smart Watch

By Ideinn Posted on: 14 Nov 2014

From being technosavy or to make a fashion statement, wearable technology is on the rise such as smart watches and Google glass.
In order to be in the race and make its presence against big players like Apple and Samsung, Sony is going to launch its very own smart watch made entirely out of e-paper. Seems fascinating but not so technosavy or a geeky gizmo, it is rather making a fashion statement.
This amazing timepiece has incorporated the band and the face part of the smart watch entirely made of an e-paper which works as a single display and changes itself as ordered by the master who wears it. Not known by which e-paper it is made of in particular or what kind of display would it be is quite unclear (monochrome/color), it might be the first ever project of such a kind undertaken at a new facility for innovation under the leadership of Sony CEO Kaz Hirai.
Assuming it to hit the market next year, all the geeks & Nerds are keeping an eye on this innovative and smart approach also considering it to be a fantasy rumor.

Disclaimer: Image source – Sony
Ideinn design is not involved with the design and development of Sony Smartwatch. This article is solely for knowledge sharing.

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