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Before we invest any resource to the project it is best practice to make sure the technical, financial, social and legal viability surrounding your new product idea. A project risk is at the highest during start phase for any new innovative product idea due to the unknown unknowns, and experts at Ideinn design have tailored a well disciplined approach to frame your creative idea and come up with a finalized technical specification including detailed product costs estimate well in advance so that you can make smart business move.
The product evaluation report states the client’s initial preference on the system requirements for the project and our study report on the best possible & feasible solution for the system, covering major demands of client. The technical feasibility report is made based on five main factors that include Technology & System Feasibility, Security feasibility, Economic Feasibility, Legal feasibility, Operational Feasibility & Schedule Feasibility.

The purpose of this stage is to:
• Provide thoroughly researched information
• Provide concrete financial budget necessary for yourself and your investors
• Highlight Threats
• Highlight Best possible/feasible solutions
• Narrow down alternatives