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Design is one the most important elements of a product; innovative products sell not just for their features, but also for their ergonomics and aesthetics. Most design companies fail to understand the word “design” and often perceive it as a one dimensional entity. A stellar design for our clients translates into blending their vision with the knowledge our qualified design team holds. We apply design principles like Design For Patenting® (DAP®), Design for manufacture, Inclusive design, design for prototype, design for low cost production and Robust design to name a few, allowing us to form aesthetically pleasing products that score high on ergonomics as well.

At Ideinn®, we believe the best product is one that endures through time, created by incorporating premier feel, build and looks into its design.

Why product Design in Asia?


Lowering unit costs while maintaining superior quality is the key to a higher profit margin, and consequently the success of your product – this is where we excel. The most significant cost driver of any product lies in its parts, and we are deeply rooted with first hand local supply chains in China, Taiwan and India giving you an edge through our low unit cost bill of materials (BOM), while at the same time we refuse to sacrifice on the quality of our products, having established contacts with top tier Chinese production units. We apply Six Sigma manufacturing principles, along with rigid quality control protocols during manufacture and prior to shipping of our products.

Product design and development with Ideinn means risk free and transparent production; our industrial designers and electronic engineers can guide you into hand picking genuine local components right at the planning phase of your project – giving you clear insights of the total product cost for manufacturing in China before any hours are invested into product development. Electronic products have a significant quantity of parts, which is where our sturdy links with local suppliers in China, Taiwan and India come into play, offering bulk pricing even at a lower order quantity, provided your product idea is unique and innovative.

Ideinn believes in the “Maximize ergonomics, Minimize parts” principle for product design. Our industrial designers and electronic engineers have solid experience working on numerous projects from individuals and start-ups, to large corporations allowing you to leverage our repository of knowledge into building a solid, market winning product.

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