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Ideinn design works with some of the best manufacturing facilities in Asia. We work with factories right during the development stages, and incorporate on the floor manufacturing practices & requirements to our designs. We have successfully manufactured production runs in excess of 50,000 units per batch. We also work with factories dealing with low order quantities. We offer complete product manufacturing service from mold development (tooling), manufacturing, product assembly, packaging and logistics.

Mold development (Tooling)

Once the enclosure is designed and the CAD model developed, we do an in depth analysis of the enclosure and formulate a strategy for mold manufacture. Whether your product parts requires separate mold or family mold depends upon the material, usage scenarios and the size of parts and lots of other parameters. Tooling (mold) engineers at Ideinn will guide you step by step through T1-T2 process of mold manufacture and make sure the parts meet your quality demands and your budget. We also do export mold if you wish to manufacture at your own facility.


After final client approval of samples and its finish, we initiate full swing production run and manufacture the batch as per your EOQ requirements. Depending upon the product requirements we offer various manufacturing services from injection molding, sheet metal stamping, PCB manufacturing, CNC manufacturing to 3D printing. Manufactured parts go through a rigorous secondary treatment process meeting the exact specification of colors, surface treatment and finish you demand.

Product assembly, Testing and Packaging

We work with fully automated SMT (surface mount) factories to meet the zero defect production when producing in large quantities. Each PCB go through a PCB testing machine where each surface point and through hole/vias are tested before being assembled. Finally the PCBA and enclosure are being assembled at the assembly line and each final assembled product is tested as per the test requirement procedure. We offer different levels of testing depending upon client requirements. We also offer packaging and logistics services.