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Pixel – Google steps into the premium smartphone arena

By Ideinn Posted on: 20 Oct 2016

Google’s first smartphone Pixel sets its sights for the stars and aims takes on Apple and Samsung while bidding farewell to the Nexus brand. If you asked yourself considering everything who sits at the top of the smartphone hierarchy, then certainly Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S phones come into mind. Both are some of the priciest, feature loaded and ‘always in the news’ phones that are in the market today. Sure, they face stiff competition from tons of other accomplished tech companies, but none have managed to reach the status that the top of the line premium smartphones made by either Samsung or Apple seem to enjoy.

So far it seems that these two are always duking out trying to gain a foothold – one running iOS and the other Android. This is the way it’s been for many years now, until Google’s decision to join the fray and announce itself as a contender in the premium smartphone market that is being dominated by Apple and Samsung.

This isn’t Google’s first foray into the world of smartphones. Google has had its line of Nexus smartphones and they’ve been doing well – but they weren’t exactly ‘Google’. The company worked with other developers for the design, development and marketing and provided its trademark Android OS, but it shared the development. Now Google takes ownership of these processes and this would be the first smartphone to feature to a small ‘G’ at the back to signify its authenticity with the product – the Pixel is Google’s own child and not a surrogate.



The company has been quick on the case to inform the arrival of the Pixel and has injected a giant USD $3.2 million into marketing through TV ads and that’s only two days after the announcement of the upcoming phone (Apple spent $2.45 million and Samsung $1.4 million). As more and more investments into marketing get made with the launch date coming nearer and nearer at October 20th You could very well expect to see your social media, news outlets and Youtube as well in addition to TV commercials beginning to advertise the phone.

The phone features product/industrial design familiar with that of the latest smartphones (the iPhone, Galaxy S7) however it features a distinct two tone look at the back of the phone that gives it character and sets it apart visually from other smartphones in the market and distinct enough that you’ll immediately recognize that it’s the new Google phone. Cool thing is that Google will also sell cases that have their backs looking exactly like that of the phone, so even if you wanted to use a case you will still be able to stand out and not have to worry about it hiding your new smartphone. It will also sell at a price point similar to that of the iPhone meaning premium, top level pricing and will certainly boast specs that justify it. How the phone functions and further thoughts on the phone will be known once the phone launches and people can start getting their hands on it.


It will feature the Google Assistant integrated into the latest 7.1 Nougat OS where before it was an app, a highly advanced voice recognition software that wants you to talk to it just like you were having a conversation rather than issuing cold commands. You will also get features like unlimited storage of your photos and videos which will require a Google Drive account, the latest USB-C standard which claims to charge your phone 7 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes which is massive, and just a side note – it comes with a headphone jack which is positioned at the top of the phone so music lovers have nothing to worry about.

At the same time Google will be killing its Nexus line of phones, which were not exactly premium level but rather somewhere in the mid to mid-high tier of phones, cheaper than the iPhones and Galaxy S phones in the market at that time.

This move is clearly signifying a new era for the company. It wants a piece of the premium smartphone pie and not just grab at dregs that come by. It has in its sights the ambition to become a major player and in the coming years become a part of what would become the trinity – Apple, Samsung and now Google.



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Disclaimer: Ideinn Design is not involved in the design and development of Google Pixel. This article is for knowledge sharing purpose.

Video/Image Courtesy: Google Inc.

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