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Swing your toothpaste around to get the most out of it!

By Ideinn Posted on: 20 Dec 2016

Nobody likes wasting toothpaste and its all too common for us to begin rolling up the tube as we try to extract the last bits of paste left inside it.

A group of product designers from Dankook university in South Korea have proposed a rather elegant concept in contrast to rolling the tube all the way up that will allow people to get the most out toothpaste out of its tube.

The industrial designers have included a hole at the bottom of the tube with plastic inserts. You would then insert your finger into this hole and swing it round, the centrifugal force generated from this would then push the paste towards the cap.


This idea does eliminate a tacky little issue with toothpaste tubes, but there’s a big question mark if tube manufacturers will catch on to it. Tube manufacturing companies that rely on manufacturing large quantities of such tubes will see their unit costs roll up due to the extra amount of work that would go into creating a hole in the tubes and then having plastic inserts that prevent toothpaste from spilling out. This would force manufacturers to sell at higher prices and thus potentially cause the price of the finished product to increase.


The plastic inserts have to be high quality and integrated into the tube in such a way that applying pressure does not cause any spillages of toothpaste. Another issue with the design is that creating space for the hole results in a lesser amount of toothpaste filled inside tube. A larger tube would be needed to fit the same amount as a regular tube, and again increased amount of material used will potentially drive up costs.



If the idea does catch on the first instances of it would most likely be spotted in South Korea – where this idea was given birth, though it may most likely remain a concept.

Regardless, it proposes as we said before a much more elegant solution to this problem than having to roll the tube all the way up or simply throw it away without having used all the paste in the tube. It’s a little example of innovative product design that proposes a solution to a problem that many of us might not even have thought there would be a solution to.



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Image source: Dankook University

Disclaimer: Ideinn design is not a part of Swing(r) tooth paste tube design and development. This article is for knowledge sharing purpose.

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