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Apple’s new flip technology

By Ideinn Posted on: 14 Nov 2014

Efforts for making the already invincible iphone immortal are being made. Screens and displays are the most important parts and also most vulnerable and expensive parts of an iphone. Apple has announced a new flip technology based on the reflex ability of cats. The self mid-air orientation ability of an animal to land safely without hurting itself is considered for the next generation iphones and ipads. This technique can protect all the expensive electronics present inside the Jewel (iphone).

All the equipments from GPS, accelerometers to gyroscopes and also mid-air orientation thrusters like motors are deployed on a phone to protect itself with minimum impact as it descends towards surface.

Apple’s new flip technology protective mechanism works by calculating the speed and the impact timings and then it re-orients the position of the phone mid-air to protect the expensive and rather delicate components like screens and lenses and allows the phone to land on much harder and shock absorbent parts just like a cat. This particular patent also includes few more techniques like airbags or thrusters like gas cylinders which help deviating the phone mid-air before collision and have a controlled landings.

Jeff Bezos have already patented the Smartphone airbag system three years ago.
In today’s world a different kind of cold war have arisen between major Smartphone companies in order to have a supremacy over the competitive market and to protect the intellectual property by having different patents and different techniques some of which have to go through vigorous bottlenecks pathways making it rather impossible than difficult. Either way people get fascinated by ideas such as apple’s new flip technology – “having a cat like phone”.

Disclaimer: Image source – Apple
Ideinn design is not involved with the design of apple’s flip technology. This article is solely for knowledge sharing.

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